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A new concept in obtaining finance for your business, Gateway Commercial Finance will work closely with you to find the right finance solution for your organisation, helping you open the door to business finance.

Having previously worked in the business banking sector, we know that banks work on a 'cost to serve' basis, calculating how much money a client brings into the business and then deciding on the type of support they should receive i.e a relationship manager or a call centre. As a result, it's often smaller businesses, turning over less than £2 million, which are suffering the most - as they struggle to apply for finances and fail to meet the remit for funding when they do so.

We take the best of our consultancy experience, banking expertise and unrivalled financial knowledge to give you first-rate support in sourcing business finance, opening the gateway to business development and growth.

With access to more than 250 funders we are truly independent of banks, independent financial advisors or any other type of financal institution. We work soley for our clients to find the right funding based on the business need, situation and aims.

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